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About Us

About Us

Our company,IT Create Myanmar Co.Ltd, was established in December, 2014 in Yangon, Myanmar. Our company's president is Masaki Ono. Our head office,IT Create Corporation, is in Japan. Now, we started our company with new Myanmar engineers who are well trained and well educated. We aim to develop various kind of projects which is suitable for business organization in Myanmar. We care not only to be high quality products but also customer’s satisfaction and needs. We believe you can satisfy and also get the profit by using our quality products and services.

Message From President

The application of IT begins with calculation processing, and used as a communication device with the spread of networks, and accumulated big data is utilized to information strategy. Now, IT is expanded to the social infrastructure level. The information technology progresses together with the expansion of the utilization case, too, continue still evolving.

In the IT CREATE, the company's mission is "offer IT utilization becoming useful for customer". Therefore, IT CREATE offer high-quality system cheaply, and after the system runs, pursue the profit of the customer, and aim at the IT service that a customer is satisfied with.